I’m Starting an Indie Game Company… and We’re Hiring!

The company’s name is Giant Sparrow and its mission is to create surreal experiences people have never had before. Our first project is a commercial version of The Unfinished Swan for unannounced console downloadable platforms.

Hopefully I’ll be able to talk more about all this soon. In the meantime all I can say is that we’re currently looking to hire a:

If anyone knows people who’d be a good fit, please direct them to our job descriptions.

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3 Responses to I’m Starting an Indie Game Company… and We’re Hiring!

  1. Chris A says:

    Ahah, love the name and idea of the logo. Good luck, guys!

  2. Casey Kneale says:

    I am glad to hear you’ve got the company up and kicking. I like the new page. Looks good.

    I hope you(Ian Dallas) aren’t upset, but I loved your idea so much I produced a demo in JAVA + JOGL similar to yours. Just far less impressive. if you check it out, it’d be an honor!

    (hopefully the demo runs on your computer)

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